call river and sea properties

The beautiful white sand, the ocean front and the tranquil scenery are just a few of the main attractions to the ocean. If you are not careful to choose a perfect house at the beach, you might regret your decision to buy it.

Other than the price range and the number of rooms you want, there are other important factors to consider when buying a house at the beach. After making a selection of beach houses that fit your price range, use the following tips to determine your ideal beach house.

The plants around the beach house, yep, I'm talking about the green stuff that grows. Pick a property with hardy indigeouness foliage as they are obviously perfectly suited to the areas climate and rainfall, saving on water bills and ensuring that you do not start your weekend away or holiday by desperately trying to save your dying garden.

The actual house should ideally have tile or wood flooring as they are very easy to clean and maintain. They also make the house cooler as carpets make the living space really hot.

There are two things you should not forget: an outdoor shower for keeping the mess out the house, and an outdoor barbecue grill for a perfect beach meal.

If the house is too old, make sure that it is strong enough to withstand severe weather conditions like excessive rain; get an architect to determine if the house is strong enough or not. Buying a very old beach house is very risky because you might have to spend a lot of money renovating it, or in the worst case scenario it might fall apart even before you live in it for a long time. Get the best of your money's worth.

Do not risk buying a beach house just because of its superficial appearance; you need to make sure that all the factors outlined above are satisfactory according to your standards.